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Track 1 - "Come and Worship" 

                I wrote this song in the 80's, and for the longest while I only had the two verses of the song written.  My sister is a 3rd Grade Teacher, and heard the beginnings of the song and asked if she could teach it to her class for their Christmas Program.  I told her "It isn't finished yet".  She wanted to use it anyway.  I remember hearing a choir of children singing it, and was moved to tears.  20 years later, I finished the song.


Track 2 - "O Come, Little Children"

                 I remember hearing this song in Church as a little girl and just loving it.


Track 3 - "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen"

                I came up with this arrangement years ago, and would play it this way when I led worship at a Church out in Enumclaw.  While we were in the studio recording this, I told Tom Moore (the guitar player) that I heard Egyptian-type/Middle-Eastern-type theme.  This is what Tom came up with, and I absolutely love it!  I kept wondering "What will my parents think?", because of the heavy emphasis on screaming guitar......mom says she loves it!


Track 4 - "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus"

                This song brings me to tears most every time I hear it.  I wrote the additional verse a couple of years ago, after watching the nightly news and all the stories of doom in our world.


Track 5 - "Coventry Carol"

                This song is not a popular Christmas song, and really, I'm not sure why it is in the 'Christmas' genre, given its' background.  This song is originally about King Herod killing all the babies 1-yr old and under, in his efforts to kill the Baby Jesus out of his fear of there being a greater King than he.  "Lully, Lullay" is the mother's cry over their dead babies.  King Herod did not succeed in killing Baby Jesus.  Fast forward to December 2006.  The news of our world wanting to be rid of Christmas and the meaning of it, hit me hard.  I sat at my keyboard, and cried out to Jesus.  This version of "Coventry Carol" was birthed.  The song affected me for months after, as I saw the parallels of King Herod's time to our world today.  The world is still trying to kill Jesus...but Hallelujah, they will never succeed.


Track 6 - "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"

                Have always loved this song.


Track 7 - "To Shepherds As They Watched By Night"

                Pretty unknown Christmas song, but loved it as a kid.


Track 8 - "Who Will Tell"

                Wrote this song December 26, 2005.






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